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disguise adds new allure to the Maserati MC20 launch event narrative

disguise adds new allure to the Maserati MC20 launch event narrative

We were thrilled to partner with Milan-based Feelrouge Worldwide Shows this summer to deliver a two-day hybrid event celebrating the launch of luxury automaker Maserati’s MC20 - the first super sports car of its Trident brand.

Feelrouge chose disguise as the narrative platform for this never-before-seen automotive event format, pushing the boundaries of storytelling to engage online and on-site audiences on multiple levels.

“Expression of identity has been utterly transformed by moving from traditional AV channels to contemporary technological multi-sensorial communication,” explains Marco Klefisch, Creative Director at Feelrouge. The agency designed Maserati’s show using Augmented Reality and 3D Notch content to express the new brand concept, Time to be Audacious, enhancing the synchronicity between set design, performance and audience.


The event was held at the famous Autodromo di Modena race track and live streamed around the world. The experience blended a huge open-air, drive-in installation stage with 630 square metres of LED video screens on three different axes, where anamorphic visual effects and other video content were mapped with the help of disguise’s camera calibration features - the first time this has been achieved on a screen of such proportions. The visual narrative was complemented by a live performance, light show, sound system and original soundtrack. A fleet of 50 Maserati cars were showcased in the grandstand, creating an evocative drive-in theatre setting for over 500 live guests, accommodated in socially-distanced seating. 

Reflecting on brainstorming the creative concept for the event, Marco said: “I felt the need for multiple levels of engagement to create variety, rhythm and intensity during the show and embrace large online and on-site audiences. The contemporary representation of imagination moves its borders every day, and disguise is the system to use par excellence.”


Marco handled the creative direction for Feelrouge as well as the set design concept, content design and artistic direction, including the performers’ reflective costumes that interacted with light and the LED video screens, the battle of percussionists dressed as drivers, and the final emotional walk of more than 50 employees, led by their CEO, following behind the MC20. 

His team designed the creative content displayed on the LED screens on stage, including various AR elements powered by disguise, visible to viewers watching the live stream remotely. These included a countdown to the start of the show, a creative display of Maserati’s Trident branding, as well as various geometric shapes and metallic visual effects, concluding with a floating manta ray which served as the inspiration for the exterior design of the MC20. 

Management of the Alembic data on Notch files required using disguise’s powerful gx 2c media servers, which allowed for fluidity in frame rates. Three gx 2c systems operated front-of-house with a disguise 4x4pro media server active backstage and another on hand as an understudy.  


Supercharging Maserati’s reach with disguise

The event received 152.1 million online impressions, 27.9 million video views and 8.3 million engagements. Feelrouge have also been awarded Best Event of 2020 as well as gold prizes in Brand Experience and B2C Events at BEA Italia - the country’s most prestigious award ceremony recognising and promoting excellence in events and live communication - and is shortlisted in six categories in its global equivalent, BEA World.

Talking about the ability of disguise to take any narrative to the next level, Marco said: “If you want to address the need for a massive 360° involvement of the senses, you have to adopt a flexible device to work with, and the disguise workflow could be just what’s required. disguise adds a new allure to the narrative, pushing the borders of the senses across infinite landscapes, even while focusing on a simple topic as its epicentre.”



Executive Producer: Valentina Saluzzi, Feelrouge Worldwide Shows 

Creative Direction: Marco Klefisch, Feelrouge Worldwide Shows

Technical Project Manager: Fabio Orzali

disguise Specialist: Nicholas Di Fonzo

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