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Meet Phil Ventre, disguise’s new VP of Broadcast

Meet Phil Ventre, disguise’s new VP of Broadcast

“What makes disguise different? The community and the people behind the brand. The disguise team is made up of the talented individuals that each bring something truly unique to the business,” says Phil Ventre, the new Vice President of Broadcast at disguise

This week we welcome Phil Ventre to the disguise family as our new Vice President of Broadcast. Phil’s 20+ years’ broadcast industry experience spans across sales, marketing, business development, partner and channel management as well as project management. He has worked for names like Apple, Avid, Ross Video, AE Graphics, and most recently, was VP of Sports and Broadcast for Ncam Technologies. As disguise’s VP of Broadcast, Phil will be working closely with Chief Commercial Officer, Tom Rockhill, to lead disguise’s innovation and development within the sports, esports and broadcast sector. 

Phil shared some of his thoughts on his career, joining disguise and how we can lead change in the broadcast sector: 

What drew you to disguise?

Ncam partnered with disguise 12 months ago to join Ncam's real-time camera tracking system with disguise’s extended reality (xR) workflow. From my work on that project, I saw what disguise was doing and enjoyed working with the team. Knowing what is coming makes me believe disguise can fundamentally change the way broadcast graphics are delivered and I am excited to be part of that change. 

You started your career as a professional footballer for Liverpool and Wigan Athletic Football Clubs. How has this experience shaped your current mindset?

I have always enjoyed my sports. I was asked to do a project about 15 years ago when sports TV was just taking off. From there I found my niche and built relationships. I have since worked on amazing projects including the UEFA Champions League and the Olympics. 

I also moved to America for my football career when I was only 19. Living away from home at such a young age, plus working around the world since and being in different situations, has taught me that there is never a situation or problem that I can’t overcome.

Phil during his time as a professional football player.

Phil during his time as a professional football player.

My experience in multiple levels of broadcast has done nothing but grow my love for the industry and prepare me for the position I am in today.
Phil Ventre, Vice President of Broadcast at disguise

What do you like most about the broadcast industry?

I like that it's always pushing the boundaries. Working in broadcast, you can meet and learn from really creative and talented people. You can help them deliver projects that millions of people experience. 

How is extended reality (xR) changing the broadcast industry?

xR is becoming more widely used than ever before as it allows creative people to take viewer engagement to the next level. 

The photorealistic graphics boost audience engagement - allowing people to watch more for longer over different kinds of platforms.

How can disguise be a leader in this change?

The market is rife for change, particularly in graphics. We have seen the same vendors for years. Since the launch of Unreal Engine, we are seeing a massive change. disguise are currently at the forefront of this change and we have the opportunity to lead it going forward. 

What is your main mission in your new role?

My number one mission will be to deliver the go-to-market strategy for broadcast and support the rest of the disguise team in delivering it.

What was the best piece of career advice you ever received?

I have two great pieces of advice: one in football and one in broadcast. 

In football, the best advice I ever received was, “I’d retire if I were you.”

In broadcast, the best advice was to always work for a good boss. Because if you do that, it won’t feel like work. 

disguise’s Chief Commercial Officer, Tom Rockhill, is thrilled to have Phil on board:

“I first met Phil at a Sports Video Group (SVG) event and he seemed to know absolutely everyone in the broadcast industry. When working more closely with him in his role at Ncam, it became clear that he would be an obvious choice to lead our focus on innovation in broadcast. xR and real-time virtual studio environments are becoming widely adopted by broadcasters, and Phil will be working with customers to support our growth in the market.”

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