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Discovery, Inc. deliver virtual upfronts created by Final Pixel using virtual production & disguise xR

Discovery, Inc. deliver virtual upfronts created by Final Pixel using virtual production & disguise xR

Long known for its innovative programming, Discovery Channels broke new ground by promoting its 2021-22 season for marketers and media buyers with virtual upfronts created by Final Pixel using virtual production, powered by disguise xR. In this case study you will see how Final Pixel brought together talent in New York, Los Angeles and London through virtual production to deliver a more cinematic experience for the viewers.



weeks of planning and set-up




virtual production scenes 




photorealistic environments



The challenge

With just six to seven weeks from the initial client discussion to the first shoot, Final Pixel knew they had to deliver fast.

Although virtual production has proliferated during the pandemic, Final Pixel often finds that clients are still getting to grips with the implications of this new way of filming. Educating others in this new method is paramount and showcasing real-life applications helps them grasp the potential of the technology.



The solution

Final Pixel first collaborated with disguise earlier in 2021, having seen disguise as a significant part of a number of exciting virtual productions, so they quickly saw its xR workflow as the ideal solution for creating and shooting photorealistic backgrounds that would be close to the camera. The team deployed disguise vx 4 media servers and rx render nodes for the project. They also worked closely with disguise to make sure they could use the rx render nodes to achieve photoreal environments in 10-bit for a high production value.

With many previous projects, when we had to set up our LED stage in the studio we spent a lot of time making sure that everything was running smoothly. But with disguise, we never felt more confident that, once everything gets plugged in, it just works. It’s that element of repeatability and a well-established and well-understood workflow. It made the stage set-up efficient.
Michael McKenna, CEO and Co-Founder, Final Pixel



Chris McKenna

Director of Virtual Production:

Michael McKenna

Executive Producer:

Monica Hinden

VFX Supervisor:

Steve Hubbard

Technology Vendor:

Creative Technology

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