Video designer Peter Nigrini’s ambitious stage design for Fela! called for 14 separate projectors, with content extending across the stage and up into the audience.

disguise was selected to drive the show when it transferred to Broadway. A 6 system network drove all 14 projectors, including physical dimmer control via DMX. A single understudy machine controlling a DVI matrix provided instant protection against hardware failures. disguise was also used to control 4 Sony VISCA cameras, compositing live video with pre-generated content.

The disguise new video thumbnail management features allowed new content to be added in thumbnail (low-resolution) form, enabling the video content creators to quickly try out new ideas during rehearsals. Finally, the disguise new cast rotation feature (specially created for theatre productions) enabled video content and camera positions to be easily swapped out as cast members changed between shows. The show was triggered from the lighting desk via Midi Show Control, with no video operator required during the run.

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