Transform your ICVFX workflows

Transform your ICVFX workflows using real-time techniques and technologies including disguise, Unreal Engine, LED and camera tracking technology.

We’ve partnered with Sensel Studio’s Real Time Artists to produce a walk-through of how you can leverage these technologies for future projects.

Watch this video and learn how to:
- Control lighting and weather from disguise's Designer timeline
- Blend virtual and physical props in-camera
- Stream maps and levels to final pixel quality
- Balance virtual and physical fixtures in-camera
- Manage colour space pipelines in disguise
- Expose post-process effects to disguise

Explore how these latest techniques and technologies can save time and cost while still ensuring cinematic quality in film and episodics.


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Director: Christopher Simcock
Producer: Christopher Simcock
Unreal Engine Technical Lead: Joshua Wood
Unreal Engine Environment Artist: Dalton Sowah
Unreal Engine Procedural Artist: Deborah Leunig
Unreal Engine Consultant: George Hulm
Workflows Consultant: Michael Adefehinti
Stage Technician: Chris Considine